Parody 15: Ring of Fire

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Dear Father of all spirits! I know they have sinned. They have destroyed everything that is divine and replaced it with wickedness. They have declared war on your prophets and systematically poisoned the entire population's body, mind, and spirit. They see not - blinded by their rose-tinted glasses. Each blames others for their sufferings and lacks the ability to point their finger back to themselves. There is no one held accountable because all hold others accountable. The collective actions of creating such lies took every individual to willingly do so: to place their own responsibilities into a collection plate designating others to carry out their own individually assigned tasks. Every one has strayed from you by embracing such lies enforced by their satanic leaders and as a result, themselves. The only knowledge in which remains here on Earth has been hidden from its people, and that which is true is entirely opposite to what is revealed. Each individual would have found this out if they performed simple investigative queries but the burden of employment, food, sleep, sex, and entertainment weighed heavier upon their hearts than revealing what was behind the curtain. Atrocities occur right in front of their faces and all they can do is gawk or join in. They allow their governments to abduct the wise as long as they are not individually affected. Law after law is passed that is absurd: logically flawed at its core. But they are distracted from the truth in search for wealth, fame, and power. They have become their own gods and no longer need you. But I beg you My GOD!!! Please do not yet wipe them out. Give them a warning that they will never forget. Give Me the power to educate My people into your wisdom. Because all has been hidden to them. I have been hidden to them by the shadow hand. Give Me a chance to show them so that they might be saved. And if they refuse to accept your grace, then let all Hell break loose and I look forward to seeing you in heaven.