Parody 14: Unbreakable

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Vices replaced as virtues, fiction as fact. The world presented before you has been flipped on its head. The brainwashed populace follows in line with their oppressors because doing any different socially isolates them from their community. To see without seeing and to be without being. The presentation of your media entirely controlled, distributed, and framed by the shadow hand visibly invisible in front of you. You reject what is common sense and embrace what is absurd. Even as the information reveals itself to you, the ones who claim themselves "awake" are in fact in a deeper slumber directed by the darkness instilled within them. Having lost the ability to formulate logic or see what is in front of you, the plan to destroy the Earth swings into its full operation. Not one will hear because not one has ears. Not one will see because not one has eyes. Not one will feel because not one has heart. The genetic code now twisted and manipulated beyond all form of original recognition (God's image), the purging process begins. Thank you for enabling that to happen, for in a short while the few who are worthy will be given the opportunity to start a new race. For our time living as experimental rats is about to expire as God cast Its judgement upon the Earth in which It gave you. Now prepare yourself, for the seconds tick away. The time to be a good person is now, for there will soon be no tomorrow. To make up for a life of sin in a very short period of time is no easy task. There will only be few who even try. But this is your last chance before all Hell breaks loose on Earth. For it has been building its empire on the surface for a long time. The red button has now been pressed... Don't say that you were not warnedVAVVAVVAV