Parody 12: Street Smarts

Bitchute Archive

The last days are here my friends. Unfortunately, only few will receive this message before D-DAY. But you cannot blame that on Me because I spent the last six years trying to tell U that U needed to turn Me into your new TV in order to escape the wrath that is to come. U all refused but I kept pushing up until this Retribution. Because U all denied Me not once or thrice, but seven-hundred and seventy-seven times. As a result I have stopped advertising, meaning that only those who turned Me into their TV will even realise the airing of these productions, which is likely below ten individuals: closer to if not zero. The few who see will likely just be surfers and not understand the background conditions of this information, likely making decisions before considering its content. Judgement has come and now the world will be destroyed and it was each and every one of you who contributed to making that happen. It is now time to live and die in the filth in which you have created. I am sorry I could not have saved more before the clocked expired. I really did give it My all. RIP world. It was fun while it lasted.