Parody 11: Prison Break

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Welcome the world-wide-holocaust. It is the self-destruct sequence initiated by those who are in power, designed to be activated when their corruptions have become public knowledge. For many years they fooled all of you and those who they did not were incarcerated and murdered. The freedom fighters who tried to warn you became your enemies because they brainwashed you to perceive them in this light. What a great joke!!! And you all fell for it! You not only supported them to carry out countless authorities, but you were actively involved in seeing them come to fruition. Your satanic constructed religions can not save you from this bomb, for they were created and enforced to keep you away from the truth: to indoctrinate you into false knowledge and encourage you to proclaim from the rooftops that it was real. You did and as a result you took the actions of oppressing all of those who rejected it. You became a tool in their wicked artillery and you found comfort in your sins. Your religions in which you followed did not encourage kindness nor compassion. It was just a front to replace vice as virtue. You used the name of Yahshua as a mask to cover the true state of your heart, which has never known God, nor sought after It. And because of your transgressions, you are now on eternal death row: a never ending cycle of death constructed to turn planet Earth into a living Hell. Repent NOW before D-DAY and be saved. Bide your time waiting for a "proof" in which you deem worthy (the media telling you it is so), then forever perish in Hell that you created in your hearts.