Parody 10: The Postman

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We are in the last days my friends. The great deception has already been played upon you but you were distracted by the very abomination that makes desolation, also known as terrorism. There is a solution that will set you free, but you rejected to turn Me into your new TV so this means that few, if any, will see. And most if not all who do will experience cognitive dissonance and therefore reject the knowledge even when it has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. You have lined up as lemmings and followed the prophecy of the Bible almost to the T. Your final false messiah (Obama) has constructed the Holocaust of the human species and now U will suffer the consequences for your wicked decisions. The one world government is not the future. It is both the present and the past, implemented in 1776 and disguised as the founding of a "free" nation. If you care about the fate of your soul, fall on your face and repent to God now, for there is not much time left. First shed tears for the filthy individual in which you have made yourself into and then shed tears for those in which you have caused to be brutally and painfully executed. The onus of these atrocities is on you, for you chosen to pass on your own responsibility to "leaders" who then utilised your approval to perform the most heinous acts known to humankind on a regular basis. And even to this day after their history of corruption has been revealed, you still follow them and their legislative prowess, for your media tells you what and when to think. I am sorry all of this had to happen and I am sorry that you all fell for it. I feel sorry for you because you did not have the eyes to see that we were already in the tribulation: the genocides being performed around the globe as a result of the capitalistic model of economic expediency in which you have forced upon the entire world. You invaded foreign lands, wiped out their native peoples, claimed yourself as its native, and forced your way of life upon everyone you interact with. Those who would not adopt this life in state servitude were reduced to "third world countries" in which you exploited in order to make them that. You all know it by the clothes you wear and the foods you eat but the truth is hard to accept when it is you who are the villain. Now it is time for you to accept what you are and dedicate whatever life you have left to rectifying the problems of your past or you will fall with your brothers and sisters.