Parody 7: Langoliers

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The sins of our past will eventually manifest into our present. What has been will eventually become what is and what will become. The clock ticks away and everybody sees it, but no one believes it. The seconds become minutes, the minutes become hours, the hours become days, the days become years, and the years become centuries. When your past sins have been publicly exposed to the present, what will be their future results? I have given you all countless chances to repent of yo crimes but instead U chose to call me crazy. You preferred ignorance over knowledge - vice over virtue - Hell over Heaven. You chose the dark side instead of the light because it was more comfortable to assign the responsibility to others instead of being held accountable for your own actions. You willingly sold your soul to Satan in return for a "semi-comfortable" lifestyle, all the while countless atrocities were being performed in front of your ignorant faces. Those who tried to warned you were responded to with your self-righteous arrogance, for your doctrines have taught you that you are God and all who question your motives are of Satan. You scapegoat your sins by performing blood sacrifices on all the life which lies before you. The preachers of righteousness have been labelled as not "evolving" with the times. But here are your times my friends: the END times!!! For you have all made a mockery of everything divine and now your retribution awaits. So get out your guns and start randomly firing into the air. Because now you have no friends, no family, no allies, and no government to protect you. You have divided each and every individual against each other and now the world war consisting of 7.3 billion countries has started. R U READY??? VAVVAVVAV