Parody 4: A Whole New World

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I have only just realised (after uploading) that I have two consecutive episodes with a similar title. However, I wish to convey to you the diverse meanings each one encapsulates. For each and every one of us possess a world within the corporeal world in which we exist. The spiritual world is the one in which connects all forms of life into one Unity. The mental world is the one in which each and every individual perceives and as a result, actualises into their existence. The material world is the one in which is perceived by the naked eye and shared commonly between all forms of life. This is the order of existence. However, demonic forces have flipped yo world upside down. They began with the material as of primary concern, the mental as a product of the material, and finally the spiritual as a product of the mental. This made all of you mentally retarded as you followed false doctrines, replacing God with a molten image of God. You have now seen what such wicked practices produces and now is your time to reverse that which is reversed or pay for the consequences of such a faulty mode of thinking. This process not only enslaved you but also your oppressors, including My daimons. Because as a result of this game plan, they no longer have any followers. For they convinced you to follow yourself instead of that which is divine. This has made them weak, only being capable of responding with collective actions taken against you with their slaves: their king is in a metaphorical wheelchair. For if and when they stare you in the eyes, those who are righteous will recognise their acting abilities which do not support the characters in which live inside of them. Now arm yourself with the knowledge of God and you will be set free. Allow terror to enter your heart and that will be the rest of yo eternity.