Parody 3: Brave New World

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A New World is being formed. The old is systematically being destroyed to no longer be capable of supporting life. After the terraforming is complete, only the righteous will be left standing. The earth will then be made anew to its former glory and will be free from the torment of Lucifer for 1000 years. The beast will then be given a short period of time to lead you astray once again and you and your children and your children's children will once again decide whether or not the past is worth acknowledging and learning from. Those who are righteous but unworthy to become gods will again be tested on their merit and their end will once again be determined by their ability to comprehend logic and its collective employment. But the future must not worry you now, for the present future awaits you. Good luck in your trials, for each and every one of you is about to be tested at yo very core. What is your core made of?