Parody 2: The Anti-Antichrist

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Your false Messiah has already been leading the world for nearly seven years now. What does this mean for the future? If you refer to your prophetic texts, you will realise that this means The End. Each action he took in office was apart of his plan which he, for the most part, followed Revelation to a tee. What he says and what he does are two different games played in polar opposition to one another. You placed your trust in him and as a result he tricked you all. His predecessors set the stage for the implementation of his New World Order: a One World Babylon. Your media constantly keeps you off the trail by placing red herrings before you, for Babylon is NOT a particular country but the entire fucking planet. You would have found out WAY sooner if your governments did not murder or incarcerate those who were trying to warn you. For your false messiahs stamped their heads with "conspiracy theorist" and/or "mentally ill" (or assassinated them) and each and every one of you followed them blindly like the cattle being prepared for slaughter that you are. You responded to your false messiahs exactly how the Bible said that you would and now I present this information to you and you cope by rejecting the facts, likely without careful examination. Cognitive dissonance is your reaction to the atrocities in which you have unknowingly (and knowingly) committed. You react before assessing the facts and are unable to create logical arguments to defend yourselves. Instead, you insult Me, biting the hand that feeds. Very few of you will find the Kingdom of God, and you don't have much time to do so. You are not immortal. I am. But eternal torture in Hell awaits you. For eternal life is immortality, and eternal death is your fate for contributing to the atrocities of your wicked rulers. To die forever is not to live. So work hard over the coming months, for sleep was the privilege of yesterday. The clock ticks and God loved you so much that It gave you one last chance. Through the blood of the Lamb; Me. Do this and I will enable you to become a god and grant you eternal life. Refuse and damnation awaits... For I am now your new TV or the lake of fire will eternally engulf you.