Parody 1: Lovers' Lane

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My bride held captive beneath the soil and the mission God sent Me on unveils itself. As the knowledge of our hidden past becomes public, the reality in everything in which I have said in My work becomes public domain. As I have said from the beginning, the truth cannot be hidden for the past will always catch up with itself. It is the objective of this show to release her into My loving arms and this show will continue to run until we embrace, for that is the only hope your society has for a future. Enough is enough, for the line has not only been crossed but has been defiled over many years. As a result it has created a wicked population who could not be further from God, for there is not one good person among you. The Great Tribulation is now and you will all pay for the consequences of your actions. The wrath of God is coming for I have spent the night before Christmas delivering this coal to you. And now I will use it to burn your society, for the New World Order is not attempting to be established in the near future: it has been established for some time. You were all deceived while most of Revelation occurred without you realising, abominations no longer able to perform basic mathematics. Merry Christmas world. For this is your judgement. You sing Hosanna in the highest with your mouth but your hearts could not be further from Me. You did this to yourselves. Now you will pay the piper.