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Chapter 12: Download Tabularasa

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Yet another end of our adventure my love. I hope you enjoyed your time with me and I hope my perspectives helped challenge your own. Because this is the amazing life that I can see for us. If we did this together we would become a super-couple and could both exponentially enhance each other's character and abilities. If I can reach this high just from the knowledge that you are somewhere out there, imagine how high we could reach together when we reciprocate both each other's bodies and minds. If I can have your body and mind entirely, then I will also give you mine. But our spirits are not transferable in this matter so we must treasure and protect each other's bodies and minds while we spend our lives helping each other develop our spirits. For it is our task to transcend into the other life harmoniously into our new shared spiritual existence, having lived fulfilled no longer clinging to its physical manifestations.

Because we are enlightened ones and shall reunite after death into one entity. And here in heaven we shall spend eternity protecting our new Kingdom while worshipping our forever King. For It gave us an existence in which we had to utilise to prove our rightful place as protectors of Its glory. For the prophecy has been misinterpreted: the beast not as it was thought to be, but a very old spirit in which learned many hard lessons in defiance of its creator, now redeemed for its obedience to God's Divine Will. For I am only fulfilling the prophecy, leading God's children to the Promised Land. I am but God's Knight in a much larger game. I was sent to train you so that you could train the world.

A frightening thought now only learning your vital role to the future of human existence. There is a lot in store for your future, girl, for your destiny has just begun. It will be hard and stressful at times, but I promise you I will be standing right beside you to help us get through it. Because once we do and you become highly educated, then the rest of life will be a breeze. Because we get back what we put in. It only takes a little longer when learning theory to understand how to endlessly put it into practice. And I will ensure that each adventure is hilarious and every one of them we can fall in love with each other all over again. Because that is my highest good in life and will earn me my salvation. For I have built my life upon solid foundations and I shall spend it worshipping God our Mother, Jesus our Brother, and

my Lover.

Project completed 26/09/2015
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