Project Notebook
Chapter 11: Open Source Revolution

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What is the potential of open source education when students can utilise film to explore the depths of their chosen topics of study?

The Open Source Revolution has begun my friends. All of the cards have been played to result in its eventual fruition, independent of whether or not any student council actually takes on board any of my advice. That is because I have countless documented experiments to tautologically support my conclusions. And failures to implement what I am teaching into the community will ultimately negatively affect the future potential of our species. However it would then only take a little more time for these points I am making to become part of our common sense.

My educational application of this technology is but one of its many potential uses. Maybe you would consider me too eccentric to vote for: the proof being that the Open Source Republic ran for office in the 2013 election. But you could not vote because you did not know about me because that information was not released on mainstream television. But regardless whether or not you would trust me as Prime Minister, wouldn't you want such figures to live a public life? What better way to get to know candidates than providing their heart and soul on camera which verifies the background motives and intent as well as their personality and character? The day that we will all be saved is the day that people like me can be taken seriously when running for a political leadership role. For it is people like us that will gear the systems to help us all instead of exploiting its minorities. I challenge every world leader to step up and start doing what I am doing individually (personally constructed with a portable camera in your hand) and only when you do that will I ever be comfortable potentially voting for you. Because you are hidden behind the veil of the systems and ultimately exist as glorified and overpaid paper pushers which force all of its citizens to push their choice of paper: its electronic capabilities overlooked because in most cases you would not want to get to know a politician, yet somehow we still vote for them.

Your future world leaders will choose themselves. (Nietzsche) It is the kings and queens who are morally compelled to see their kingdom to fruition who will eventually be the ones in which you will be capable of electing into office. Because despite the "ideas of grandeur" (NeSmith, 2012) proposed, what I am saying really works and can be modified to work for each and every student. If you are to replace this content with static or any other artistic representations of meaning, then the same conclusions would result. For the syntax I am providing you is infused with semantics. The information can be organised in many different arrangements however its usefulness to build extremely meaningful projects very quickly as well as gear them to be self-sustaining after the fact with very little monetary overheads.

It is not easy making a course like this. I challenge every aspect of our thinking not necessarily so we should remove those dysfunctioning parts, but instead be aware of them during our day to day interaction in the world. If one is to judge too quickly, then they may miss out to its potential to greatly benefit their own existence. Have I done well in introducing to you these filmic potentialities within the future of our educational approach to life? Because being a university student is about learning and I reckon if you use this approach while studying, you will ultimately be able to retain more information not only in your life but also tautologically to your everyday conscious activity. To a certain extend you have had a biomechanical upgrade which has exponentially increased your potential bank of information. How will you use your new augmented reality? For its possibilities are endless and only limited by the mind shaping it.

From our bodies to our minds to our spirits. From ourselves to our relations to our community. From individual to local to global. However one is to construct the future building blocks of their own psychology will determine their future capabilities. The more they learn how to utilise language, symbolism, juxtaposition, metaphor, allegory, and its relational semiotics, the further they will expand their future capabilities in life.

Being smart and kind is so much cooler than being stupid and ignorant. It is about time that our society adopted a new method to process and respond to information because our old ones have caused great tragedies. The future of the human civilisation does not lie within my hands. I am just arranging the pieces of its current infrastructure into another order which can enable psychologically receptive individuals to run with what I am saying. Maybe I am vain. But I am also not doing this for myself. I am doing it for