Project Notebook
Chapter 9: Carpe Diem

Bitchute Archive

Life is in front of you and you are required to make something from it. Will your toils be invested in the mundane or the revolutionary? Will the fire in which drives you inspire other people to reach their own goals?

You can use this space to write about anything you want. Besides a future need for automatic transcripts, after one has created something new they must then reflect upon their creation. Thus I encourage you to utilise this space to connect the dots of the topics in which you explored. Oftentimes the titles for episodes will be discovered after the episode has been created, thus the reasons for its name unknown to the viewer until later. But it is in this space in which you elaborate on the topics and its naming convention suggested. Because there is a reason why you named it what you did, even if its title is only loosely based on the content discovered within.

Please do create allegories within your meanings portrayed. Otherwise it will bore me. You have a web to spin dear spider and you must learn how to entangle your audience within its content. You can frame your content in any way in which you like. I dare you to break through social barriers by opening up about your secrets on camera. The day I can learn why you are the way you are (that is what makes you tick) is the day that society can create community programmes to help other minorities who also struggle with similar mental hardships. Difference is a blessing and the enforced social normalisation is a restrictive dominant ideology that is capitalised upon by the capitalist who rule our nation's states. For its economic value has been driven beyond the individual - no longer caring for his or her needs. Instead we live in fear of the one who holds the monopoly on violence.

But from the start, us as the individual is destined to win, the tortious overtaking the hare. Because their game is only a quantitative mechanism. It possesses only syntax, its mechanistic employment of human interaction only mesmerising us long enough until we were mentally and technologically capable of becoming aware of it and ourselves, and ultimately how mainstream media's approach could never compete with something and individual genius could create. And when the individual wakes up to themselves, their life becomes valued for who and what they are and what they have contributed to society - for no longer is the human required to exist as a replaceable part. To all of the creators out there, your time to create is now. For when you always continue where you left off, you will eventually come to discover something new that has the potential to improve many lives. And if you succeed in your mission to help people who are like you, then solidarity will in the end win us the right to stand proud for being a part of the human race.

I will not leave its highest element of this title unspoken. For its poetic origins are philosophical in nature. And if you are to play any role in this life, what part will you audition for? The camera our crystal ball and its perceptions our stage. How would one enter such a performance? What future directions could you lead your obsessions to explore? Who are you now and what do you want to be? You are both the potter and the clay. How you shape the image before you will determine your potential future success utilising this technology. But I hope by me doing all of this for you will make it as easy as possible to share the Spirit in which I am possessed by. Because I have a flame in my heart: a love and passion for life and its possibilities. May we all bask in the miracles of God and acknowledge our own inferiority. Only then will we be capable of living it Its image: