Project Notebook
Chapter 8: Never Gonna Stop

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What is the limits of the passion in which we can have for the topics in which we study? How entertaining can we make free online education?

What will motivate you to press the upload button? Our collective psychology is cruel, for others will see who do not understand who will make judgements about your content before exploring it. But it is here that we can explore the topic of love and Its opposite: for the ignorance of your future trolls drives their hearts. When another is to negatively comment about a topic in which you spent countless hours conceiving and framing and they misunderstand because their primitive cognitive functionality immediately rejects such modes of inquiry, then how are you to apply that feedback to your work? The answer is to exploit the flaws in which its inferior mode of thought was formulated. That is to include some of those voices within your overall body of work to demonstrate publicly how blinded our species is to positive change as a result of collective exploitation enforced by our industrialised capitalistic method of vocation, for its economic overtones condition each part to be immediately replaceable, should they no longer be capable of performing their repetitive processing of mundane syntactical information.

If you manage you accomplish what I propose you will have haters, for multiple reasons. Confidence in your methods will hurt your overall receptivity because collectively we make decisions before considering the arguments: exactly what I am outlining easily applied to three psychiatric wards and even prison - my words hated but removed from every possible true context and reframed into one in which the authority figure can understand and "treat"/punish: my work stripped from its academic value and pieces of my syntax reconstructed by others right before me to exist as something in which was never, nor would ever be my own thought processing and motivations. Freedom was not obtained by the people by rolling over to their masters. It was not obtained overnight. It took an uncountable amount of years for our society to obtain the technology in which I can now frame to exploit the very systems in which force me to exist as something other than which I am. Do not get me wrong, for our culture jam will become tomorrow’s mainstream. But as it today stands, forms of media in which conflict with what is commonly expected will be oppressed until its new and proven methodology becomes common sense. Do I belong in mental asylum as a response to my passionate investigations into these subjects? Do I belong in prison because my methods of communication deviate from our accepted social normalities? When I prove my words through the use of both philosophic AND scientific inquiry, what is then society's responsibility to those new discoveries?

This is why you should not care what anyone thinks. If you have discovered gold, it is valuable independent of what your neighbours say it is worth, unfortunately internally contemplating how they could financially benefit from your deserved fortune. Do not trust another until they repeatedly prove themselves positively to the interests of the ideals conveyed in your work. Trust yourself! Be the narcissist that you are. Your self-approval comes from divine forces and not other people. Other people are the most severe threat in which you must rise to defeat. The ideals in which you present have not yet been fully understood or implemented by society. This means that most people will not be kind and supportive to your cause. And because of this attribute in society, people don't do this because naturally we seek the approval of others and negative reinforcement will in most cases cause a new online teacher to cease their world-changing activities. This is why your unit of measure must be inherited from above. This means that to avoid unavoidable future hardships, your audience must only be yourself, God, and all in which belongs to God. The rest of the idiots who inaccurately judge your content due to their lack of attention span and inability to construct basic arguments are non-player characters programmed by Baal to provoke you into rage quitting. Instead I say, have fun with your enemies by publicly demonstrating their intolerance to wisdom by publicly sharing those public condemnations in which they spent the time and effort constructing intending to hurt you. The good always wins when the evil is exposed as the Neanderthal that it is. Evil has no ability to intellectualise a philosophy and science organically into one. Satan can only use syntax against you: its semantics is, has been, and always will be fragmented with misplaced, misunderstood, and misrepresented data which are impossible to align together to form conclusions that can be tautologically applied to multiple forms of reality.

Please contemplate carefully as to what format that you will utilise for your films. Before initially pressing that record button you must have a life goal proposed in which the cause can drive you to continue making videos for the rest of your life. Your first video and your final video shortly before your death need to act as your beginning and end: the same movie but its experiment now finalised with its conclusions practically applied within the world as a result of your life toils which are entirely responsible for that outcome. The ways in which you utilise metaphor, allegory, and juxtaposition will determine the capabilities of your work to be applied recursively to interdisciplinary fields of study. If your work is to be of value to the society in which it was crafted for, it needs to be relatable not only to your specialised interest, but also how it morally concerns each and every human on this planet. If you follow the methodology in which I have been presenting, this means that the bank of information in which you create for your comrades has tautological applications to every single field of theory and practice. Because only when you invent a measuring device that can universally and accurately assess any type of phenomenological occurrence will that new information be considered valuable to society, independent of whether its origins were mainstream or not. However, a non-mainstream approach to revolutionising our media will take longer to be recognised and utilised by society - a delay from what they are taught was fiction and the fiction now made into reality through your own genius. But if you build it, they will come. (Field of Dreams). Once a piece of technology has been extensively developed and released open source to the public, then over time that technology will be seen for its potential future capabilities. The only question that remains is: do