Project Notebook
Chapter 7: Own Your Psychology

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How are we to wear the skin we are in? How are we to perform on camera to not only assist our studies but also entertain a potential audience?

Insecurity within oneself is our human condition. To go beyond it is the mission of every single one of us. But how are we to gain confidence when our confidence is determined by how we think others perceive us instead of how we are perceived by ourselves? Words can both destroy and make a heart. With all of the haters in the world, how are we to feel about our own self-worth when it is not verified by those around us?

Who and what you are at this particular point in time is the result that was required to make you who you are about to become. You are a warrior to get through not only this content but also this far in the series. That reflects the type of individual you are and I know it was hard to get to where you are at in life. A reflected situation is a different situation. My thoughts before I press the record button were positioned to come back to me when I most needed them. Because I freely gave myself to the world, I found salvation through the stories in which I created to find my salvation in the future.

Although we analyse the brain as an extremely complicated piece of machinery, its functionality is rather simple and can easily be tricked into more positive modes of thinking. But if one is to assert a better mode of thinking than the one who has developed pride in what they have become, how can we objectively make decisions as to what ideology could potentially be of more benefit and if one is found, how could one transfer from its current thinking into its newly discovered one; its 2.0? The answer lies in your own Cartesian nightmare and I feel bad for you for what you are about to go through. Because you first have to brainwash yourself into believing nothing, hence contradicting that very belief. Because only then will we be in the appropriate position to begin forming new beliefs and reinstating old ones in which were found to be grounded through this sceptical reprocessing of information.

And when one captures this rebirth of character time and time again on camera, that character will ingrain into society metaphorically in the same way in which the ever sharpening blade of philosophy does. I promise you this, if you are born from retarded into awesome on camera, that is if the world can see you grow from a young dork into an outstanding member of society, then you have captured a star being born and there is nothing on this planet more valuable. The making of the self is not an easy task. For they must look their daemons in the eyes. They must not accept their flaws but instead orientate them to become their gifts: the phoenix now born from the ashes of our founding mothers. Because if I have flaws that I can fix on camera, then anyone else with similar flaws can also utilise that content to begin a similar process of rebirthing from darkness into light.

For the darkness is destined to become light. In time what I am saying will become self-evident, made true overnight because its scope is realised for its potential. No longer shall my brothers and sisters be alone, for I am here for each and every one who cries. For my concern for your future mental well-being compelled me to both write and speak word after word until I can prove to you that I really care and I want to do everything in my power to help