Project Notebook
Chapter 6: Pedagogy of Education

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How is one to study the philosophy of education, specifically its dramaturgical conclusions? How can our education system maximise the potential of film based learning?

The answer was always in itself my friends. For I am not teaching a method of learning but a method to learn how to learn. That means that every case is organically created through the process of the particular student attempting to erect the necessary equipment to expand their own memory by using the web to forever encapsulate their most precious ones. Because none of my work will ever leave my psychology despite if even tomorrow it was all deleted. I covered the material so extensively that it became part of my character, which meant I was enabled to endlessly produce metaphors of Its core truths: the very tablet God demanded I craft and bring down from Black Mountain to share with my fellow crying humans.

For please do not mistake me for some teacher or preacher, for I am a called man. I am here in my car with my heater on at 02:54, the 25th of September, smoking a pipe and writing this because I am and have always been compelled to do so by a Divine force. I do have my own interests entangled in the outcome but the outcome is peace, prosperity, and solidarity amongst all humans alike. Because for students, by students tautologically translates to for humans, by humans. Education is but a process of becoming. And when one stops becoming is the day their heart stops beating. And if we collectively accept mechanical employment superstructures, then we will ultimately end up like the movie Idiocracy, hence me naming my time machine Time Masheen (you have to see the movie).

Because I can help you understand my meaning much better if I am not always restricted to mainstream academic standards. So for me being able to convey more meaning by deviating from its normality, it automatically is inclined to reject all conclusions in which results - a category mistake - the black swan overlooked. Because my poetry is kick ass compared to the modern day crap you get from philosophy. And if I choose to be the face of philosophy for our coming generations, then I will be sure to capture my most beautiful smiles. Ironically, it is likely me laughing over how foolish you mortals are! Mhuhahahaha! Is it just me or does anyone else find all this extremely funny? Because it is all true and I have not only demonstrated it but provided the equipment for anyone else to conduct their own experiments to verify these conclusions which I know with all my heart are true in every sense possible. I love prophecy which secures me in God's tautology. For I will never be led astray.

And God loves you so much that It sent me down to show you how we could live in Its glory, endowing us with the capability to become like It: creators of not only ourselves but also our own destinies. Can you truly not see that the prophecies have come true and we are now living within the new world order: it just taking time to settle. For it was December 21, 2012 in which I defeated the old. What is first rejected later becomes self-evident. If you do not agree or understand what I am saying, it loses no truth value. For as I have said I was shortly lifted to heaven in which I was given instructions and then sent back to both interpret and convey through practical application of the contents of the message: the message more abstract than words can pin. But if you are psychologically equipped to understand the meanings in which I am attempting to convey, then in one letter I will tell you who can save the world (spoiler: it is not me). Because my darling, that would be