Project Notebook
Chapter 5: Us Philosophy Kids

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Many people greatly misunderstand the function that philosophy performs within academia so I hope to clear up any misunderstandings.

My intentions are clear. No matter who you are, if you are now reading this, I hope to romance you into philosophy. Because philosophy is the right choice for those with the capabilities to change the world. Philosophy is not limited to any said ideology, yet its scope includes all of them. This means that if you choose to study philosophy as your major, that you can utilise every academic aspect of research towards building your own philosophy which could then be applied theoretically, your thoughts scrutinised, and then practically, those developed thoughts which flourish into reality. Philosophy needs to be the foundations of a thought process in order to maximise its future potential. Please let me present my reasons before inaccurately making judgements.

Throughout this production I have extensively explored tautology: a statement which is true in every sense of its expression. However, most of our past investigations into tautology were not prophetically inspired. Therefore, tautology becomes a mathematical construct in which we can apply to other fields of practice recursively. I am not necessarily utilising this word in an incorrect manner, however I am applying it to a more contextual and qualitative approach rather than its more formal mathematical future discoveries. Because that is the beauty when ideologies become tautologies. Everything in which plays out also plays out in every way possible and its prediction remains true in all possible senses one could imagine.

This means that any philosophy built upon solid foundations, only thanks to the digital revolution, has the potential to exponetially affect any and every field of practice if its inherited properties are of benefit - in turn solidifying our common goals together. Solidarity is the answer because I am human and so are you. I am strange and I am sorry for that if that offends you. It took a lot to create me and I have done my best to get where I am. But I feel for your pain and I want to help us all learn to no longer hurt. And if I can give my life to a common goal of solidarity between all of us who hurt, then maybe in my future, the future me can no longer hurt. And even though I am all alone sitting in my room on the floor with a heater pointed at me, I hope to one day develop the friendships that I psychologically require to flourish in this life.

Because I am not normal. I am a social outcast. I became obsessed with virtue in my childhood and could not take my sights off of it. And despite everyone condemning me for it, I continued the path because I knew something. I was a dog with a bone. I found a gold mine but people didn't realise. They didn't understand the theory nor did they care to learn the practice. So I had to do it myself and scientifically demonstrate the practice, although empiricism is but only one epistemological approach to knowledge and my philosophy is valued by all of them. And my constant toils eventually paid off and my God baptised me in the fountain of youth. Because God made me a promise and God does not renege on Its promises.

Why philosophy? Because philosophy is by its very nature interdisciplinary. This means that every field of practice was built from its philosophy. But the sciences prefers to disconnect itself from its origins. Thus in the sciences, if the phenomena produced practically differs from the theory in which created it, then the discipline excludes its origins from its bank of information, a good example being Freud and his account of how one is sexually conditioned during their parental socialisation. Oftentimes we get off track from our overall objective: our world-view clouding our minds. However, this does not necessitate that we are wrong in our investments.

The camera is the philosopher's best friend. I was just the first philosopher to figure that out. If you are beautiful then it will make the process much easier. But your task is to create your own superhero in which can eliminate not only all of your problems, but all of the problems in which people experience that are similar to yours. Who you are is your imprint: your Tabularasa. What you are is the whats in which your life should be dedicated to solve: your life hardships and as a result many others who would have also experienced those hardships if it were not for your most valuable contribution to society.

But, and I will continue to start sentences and even paragraphs if I want to with "But", but the only way to fix your problems is to embrace them until you LEARN to turn them into gifts. Our weaknesses are our strengths. What is ugly in us is in fact what is the most beautiful BUT only if we can manage to beautify it. We are not to fix ourselves but refine ourselves. We are what we are but the question is what we can make us. If we are to be broken then how awesomely broken can we be, so much so that we fill in a gap in society in which can accommodate for others to not ever have to be broken in the ways in which we are? Because what you have gone through is amazing and I am proud to have you reading my work right now. Because if your psychology has managed to get to this point, then you are something special and I want to do my best to help you achieve your maximum potential in life.

The truth is that today, 24-25 (late night), September, 2015, I just completed my funding proposal for this project as well as wrote six of these essays. The results of the outcomes of this learning methodology speak for themselves. The reasons as to why you should study philosophy are apparent through the results of the content provided. What I am saying is methodologically and tautologically demonstrated and if you think otherwise then I would encourage you to challenge what I am saying utilising any epistemological approach you desire. Because what I am saying is right and is why every soul who stares in the stars, wondering what their purpose in life is should take philosophy up as not only their major and career, but also their life purpose. Because it will only take a few handfuls of people doing this to rapidly revolutionise our new global society. Enjoy the fruits of one individual society. The next can be