Project Notebook
Chapter 4: Elementary Dear Watson

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What is our basis for our education system? If we are to implement a new methodology of learning, how will we target its outcomes?

When is it best to educate a student in the methods of dramaturgical education? The answer my friends is in the very title of this chapter, however please do let me explain to you why before you potentially make any inaccurate judgments as to why this would be the most affective stage of life to employ this education method.

As you get further in the more you see how far references are from my mind. Because I have my own mind. I have the ability to construct basic thoughts together to arrive at my own conclusions. But before I get full of myself, I am to recognise that I am a result of my elder's toils. It was only them which enabled the conditions to produce me. But in the end I did produce me and I am very appreciative for their direction, no matter how wrong it was and to a large extent, still is. We might dye our hair blue and get lip piercings, but we are still humans trying our best to exist in this shared world with you as our neighbours. The tools of life are in education and we must equip our children with the best tools possible, whether or not we understand them. Because our children are destined to stand above us, only made possible by our own shoulders. Our education systems need to let go of trying to produce certain types of people. Instead it should enable each individual to flourish as what they are, independent of potential job opportunities. Because it is that person's life mission to turn their passions into their career. Because quality does not come out of a box and must be crafted by hand. Because without love, our menial capital investments lose their value. For the value of a passion filled life is worth more than every gold nugget on this planet.

Do you want to give your children the best start in life possible? First teach them what is inappropriate to film, namely sexually orientated material. Set whatever your boundaries are, although I might consider some of your boundaries restrictive. Although it matters not because if you only teach them the methodology of capturing moments to easily forever archive, then eventually they will work it out themselves through its trial and error. Get your kids away from the television and hand them a portable camera. Because even its low end models are capable of revolutionising not only one but many lives.

And I hate talking to the parents because they are stupid. But the only way you can give your kids a head start in this extremely cruel world which you chose to have them in is to financially ensure that your children always have a method to create, produce, and release videos which enable them to express their creative passions. Because the day we are all saved is the day when kids are running around with portable cameras and filming their lives for us to be proud of.