Project Notebook
Chapter 3: The Looking Glass

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What things at first appear to be and what they turn out to be can oftentimes differ. How are we to spot the black swans within our life so we can make accurate judgments about them?

An imprint on the Universe in which cannot be disrupted. Its material teaches one conception but the card trick then played to tautologically be directly applied to an entirely different ideology than the one in which originally portrayed. The magician's sleight of hand will never cease to amuse you because ingrained within me is the metaphor. If I can speak in allegories then I can speak in many differently languages while only utilising one language. If the meanings behind my words mean more than was initially intended, then the bank of information in which I absorb from any given concept produced in this manner, has exponential capabilities that can be utilised far beyond the one prophetically and tautologically speaking. Because when I am motivated by the Spirit, I just have to sit back and watch the results of my autopilot kick in, the production of this passionate induced essay utilised as an example not only of the truth of what I say but also the unconscious states of the brain which slowly open up to any given subject in which I slowly feed it. Because ultimately our Fido is our own intentionality and now thanks to this new technology, we can direct where it goes. And if we can direct ourselves anywhere and always continue where we left off, then what subjects are morally significant to study about our own human life?

Each individual reading this is now required to make a moral assessment as to how to or not to utilise these new discoveries now that they have been theoretically and practically presented before you. If you are to see yourself through the keyhole, then how do you appear to other people and how do you want to appear to other people? For those comic book lovers and the happily ever after fans. For the Übermensch who was actually woman before man. To equality for both me and you. For a safe world to live, no longer fearful of the truth. For freedom of speech and open minds. For alternative lifestyles and broken hearts. For the televised revolution which includes both me and Ü. For every colour and every space. For every motive and every race. For every plant and animal alike. For the interest of my future wife, for we are life. For the Good Samaritan who feeds me when I am hungry. For the broken life which chose its opposite. To the daily grind worker who endures supporting me. To the single mother who is unsure who is her daughter's father. To the kind soul who is cut for their generosity.

For the love of humanity out-reigns your mainstream media. And if I can convince even a few handfuls of you to be kind despite those negative consequences, then I will die happy despite the likelihood of only having few people come to my funeral. But if any of this works and I manage to change a few hearts, then you will love me because I first loved you and I don't even know you. What window manager will you use to interface your psychology graphically?