Project Notebook
Chapter 2: Turing Test for Humans

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If we are to investigate into the mind and how it appears on camera (external of it), then one must ask themselves how a camera thinks.

If one were to think of a camera as a biological creature, how would or possibly how could such an entity think and interpret the world? In our hands is our new familiar - its existence being whatever you can make it. The possibilities of light and sound are endless because these are its two modes of perception. Very limiting in contrast to our own five but it is these two which can open our sixth.

Fido becomes our pet in which we will train to access previously inaccessible parts of our brains. Fido cannot be perceived but only perceive for it has no physical existence. It is instead the ones as zeros in which any audio-video recording device can produce. This dog is very different from what we have come to understand as a dog because its existence lies in the potential of what we can train it to do. But the dog will only perform as well as its master's ability to train it. Thus the potential outcome lies in the hands of the one utilising its technology. For imagination begins creation and turns past fiction into future fact.

The question was never whether something is wrong or right: such confinements are arbitrary. The question is how one can frame truth to overthrow lesser truths: for sickness evolves into health. An example of what I am speaking of is my current project, Time Masheen, in which I leap back and forward through time while showing the viewer how to build their own time machine. Because the truth is what we make it and if I manage to academically prove utilising the scientific method that I am time traveling while including instructions on how one can time travel which can be proven by others who perform the same experiment, then it will be as of tomorrow, 24/09/2015, that humankind discovered time travel and learned how to use it to heal the entire human race. I can get away with saying this shit because it began as a philosophy, developed into a provable science, and provided these conclusions for me on a silver platter to now rub in your faces. The results can be reproduced indefinitely. Now I ask you, who is the true Doctor?

Because when we focus all of our energy on trying to do good for our fellow human sufferers, then eventually those results will exponentially manifest themselves into our world. For the day will soon be upon us when each individual is evaluated and assessed by their character and abilities in which they can contribute to their communities, and not their predetermined social status which provided them the environments to flourish. For human flourishing is now a right for every man and woman and not only a practice reserved for the social elite. For a new elite are arising and their monetary capital irrelevant to the entire situation. Because your future politicians will be doing exactly what I am doing because they will actually possess a genuine interest in inciting positive change for the benefit of their entire species. For there is no better method than this for a stranger to determine the character of another stranger irrelivant of whether or not they meet. Who is qualified to lead a country to a future utopian society? For when a life becomes public domain, the owners of it become...