The Meaning of Life
Lecture 7: The Warrior

1. Shower Scene
2. The Warrior
3. Beuwolf
4. Wisdom

March 9, 2012

Wendell severs his connections with society in attempts to force his hand to end his own life. But things never tend to go as planned for our hero. Welcome to the reeducational course that ventures into what it really means to exist as a human being. Explore into the physiological, psychological, and sociological conditions directly from a suicidal soul who has spent his life battling eye to eye with these topics. This is true reality television, where death is around every corner. Learn about mental health and the conditions that society manifests that directly oppresses and limits its people. Learn what systems that we might be able to employ to encourage a more tolerant and accepting society. Learn how we can fix the core issues concerning our society instead of just patching up the infections with band aid solutions.