Tragedy 18: Between Thieves

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Then were there two thieves crucified with him, one on the right hand, and another on the left.
Matthew 27:38

The Twelve Apostles

December 2, 2013

The more you learn to interpret the numbers placed in front of you, the better you will understand this realm. But do not discount any numeral representations either. There are many ways to see the past, the present, and the future. These abilities can be transferred but only through example. That means that if the sight is lacked, seeing through the eyes of the beholder will teach it innately. But before that can work, one has to empathise and deeply connect with its subject. And when we are presented with an instrument before us, we must learn how to use it. As today learning how to whistle and play my panpipes at the same time, obtaining both tenor and bass sounds into two uniquely harmonised voices. What music are you playing for your audience?

As we walk together down this road of life, let me both keep you company and tell you of those who rule it. For you are no longer in your country my friend. A long time ago the Earth and the Stars produced mighty but destructive children. They were imprisoned but broke out to take reign. But then our leader aegis bearing Jove, commander of the skies, defeated the dreaded monster wreaking havoc on our human race, burying it beneath Mount Etna to purify its soil. Thus the Titans banished by self sustaining commanders known as the Twelve Olympians.

The times have passed and our species has degraded, the forgotten world unaware of their command. From gold to silver to bronze and now iron, Zeus is now training those with faith how to take over for them. For it will be the youngest stars who will burn the brightest. And what was inherently ours but stolen will one day be ours again. But it is only us sleepwalkers who will be saved from punishment. And our job is to become the sand so that we might rock our young back into existence.

The twelve merely do a dance for us to see. This dance then plays over and over so the human can understand it on many levels. And our emotions are all entangle within them: a puzzle only fit for a king and queen. The Sun lights our path as we make our way through the garden, its fertility only realised as a result of its prior decomposition. The power struggles of man in the name of false idols and the warriors who sing against them. The waves crashing down upon us awaiting a moon better suited to our longings. Love starting and winning wars and our technology to understand it. The twelve encompass the inner workings of our psychology and if we work them out in their literal, metaphorical, or allegorical truth value, then the missing two will in time fill themselves in. And with faith and dedication, the past and future will be seen in one aspect. And then you too can turn your fiction into reality.

What more is the evolution of a book than the evolution of a mind? As I paint images of all different kinds in front of you, what abilities are required to perform such a task? The character of each heart tested at its core. And as I learn from my own chapters in this book, the truth is shown to me, its bleak future haunting. But as we passed through the number six, we have learned how to flip it. The page of the contract now infused with the truth of not only its owner, but also its environment. And as our heart trembles at first sight of the beginnings of our future masterpiece, we at least now know what we are working with. And now the time comes to contemplate on what we can turn this picture into. Because it is that image that will be judged and not what you see before you. And your toils to reflect the god's characteristics will determine your suitability to claim such position of authority.

This is why you now understand that accurate information can still be reached utilising practices not understood by mainstream propaganda. The DNA unlocked, presenting a stage in front of you: the failsafe device activating at the precise time it was built to... An ancient artefact designed to teach you how you work so that you can one day be the best representation of yourself possible. And this mode of existence will help you understand patterns from all aspects of your perception and then accurately make decisions about the future using all of your methods of coming to know, including science. And faith will always protect the prophetic speech of those who are Its warrior's. If you are not one of us, do not try and be us. For false prophets will be exposed when their camera has no miracles to witness. And fake magick will never stand up against the real thing.