Tragedy 17: The Ring

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Heed these words, you who wish to probe the depths of Nature: If you do not find within your Self that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. If you ignore the wonders of you own House, how do you expect to find other wonders? In you is hidden the Treasure of Treasures. Know Thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.
Oracle of Delphi

Your Reflection

December 2, 2013

The truth behind the mirror exposed. Its image more accurate than its reflection; maybe not at first appearance in its physical sense but entirely in its psychological. The senses stripped from the human then provides no conceivable existence. All the while these senses evolved from a mathematical equation the brain attempts to solve: only ever being able to perceive its opposite, the wires crossed to necessitate existence. X marks the spot and the treasure found is Y literally, metaphorically, and allegorically.

The X on this map is the spell's catalyst. It is the perfect man. It is not a perfect man, for such concepts do not exist within our world. But instead it is the optimal outcome given the conditions played upon him. And God looks at him and states "It is Good." The Mark being set which begins its experiment. A theory practically applied that demonstrates results clearly. The point in which the psychology tunes out and listens to its nature. For mistakes become the wisest teachers and the blade of development forever sharpens. Could this weak creature have been any better than it currently is? For these will be the notes you will perceive upon judgement. And with your head bowed low, you will either weep or grin. A saved individual demonstrates this naturally through their body, mind, and spirit; for its clarity will form into streets of gold.

And upon accepting our destined grin, we walk through the mirror. The red pill awaking us from our slumber. Now stepping outside of its matrix, only now being able to see it for its opposite. Both given a future vision of prosperity but also the bleak reality of its algorithm. Only now noticing the wires rerouting the resources to major distributors. And as the pyramid into the house of Hades becomes clear, its reflection stretches into the skies as its mirror image. And when a heart has truly seen this image then it has found home. Thus your own journey starts to find yours.

Man is now given all things but is still lonely. God empathises with its creation, considering he was created for Its enjoyment. So from the greatest man's rib was born his opposite, being both him and everything that he can not be. From the mould the wall of man's heart is formed Its most beautiful creation: woman. And she is destined to forever protect it. The chicken or the egg question discarded for its inappropriate arrangement. Now understanding time both backwards and forwards. And at the core of our human existence is our children. And our lives spent forward must be directed at solving the equations of our backwards. And the most important equation that our species faces is how we are to educate everybody. And when we provide rich soil to all of the trees we recently planted, then we collectively provide a sustainable future for our species.

A huge flaw within all of our forms of documentation is their narrow mindedness. If a mathematician sets out on a journey to solve an equation, the world expects him to solve it mathematically. Modern universities discourage interdisciplinary practice. We give X hypothesis and Y is reality. But said Y might play out experimentally using other methods of obtaining knowledge. And given that we all live very unique lifestyles, we all understand the world in different ways. And if we just focus on the areas of life the we are highly tuned into despite its interdisciplinary practice, then eventually we will all learn how to build knowledge in our own way. We just need to teach each other how to teach ourselves! It is as simple as that. Because if I can teach you how to tell a life story in your one page spiritual contract, then I can also teach countless others how to do the same. When a mathematician solves an equation using an alternative method of obtaining knowledge, then their documentation efforts will never go in vain as future discoveries prove the method practical by shining light on different areas of the globe in question.

Thus the collective understanding of knowledge becomes your tool. 666 is seen for its reflection. You worked your way from -999, learning their numbers backwards. Chapter 1-9 led you to 000 and it sealed your navel's fate. Now you see its image at the top of its positive numbers. From 666 you look back into the mirror where you see what you once thought to be you. But there is no going back there my friend. You have a world of numbers to get through before you will ever get to 999. Let me show you around the real world. The one behind us was a farce. So as the "real" world tells us, let's count down! There is no turning back from here.