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The Contract

December 1, 2013

There will be no obscurities within the contract you are about to ign. There is no party of the first or second part. There is only U. And from your body to you mind and out through the spirit, the only other party involved is God. I am not apart of this process and must be found from within. But I assure you that it is one made in blood that sacrifices your life for the betterment of our human species. And as a result of your faith you will literally (physical), metaphorically (psychological), and allegorically be saved.

From our past mistakes the sharp lightning of Zeus split us from our soul mates. The laceration winded into our bellybuttons and secured with a stitch: love's realisation not yet actualised into clarity. Destined to wander a lonely planet forever desiring the other half that has been taken away. From the impossibility of the task without technology formed a vulgar human species. As the Internet opens its electronic pathways, our people are now given the opportunity to find that perfect match by scouting the seven seas. And if we put our all into doing this, then the fruits of those seeds of wisdom will one day flourish. Because when you combine two very similar life missions, all of God's people will eventually be looked after.

But in order to find that perfect match, you will first have to honestly learn who "U" are in order to paint its reflection onto the canvas of the Internet. Ultimately you will write beautiful poetry that will romance yourself into you. And be careful for your ego. Everybody will know that you are better than them. You do not need to rub it in their faces.

Instead, catch those who stumble and pick up those who fall. And since you are voluntarily a good Samaritan, you can help in your own way. If others pressure you into helping their way, you are not burdened to help anyone. And you will see many sick things in the world. And ultimately you will have to learn how to stay out of morally disturbing situations. Like seeing a drowning baby but having no way to save it. But it is this conditioning that will lead to your character stability. And after you shed your tears you are only required to reposition the events and feelings within your psychology to make it funny. Thus, we will laugh our enemies into Hades while performing hilarious productions.

Be extremely thoughtful in your character creation process because it will be the foundations of what you will become. And as you experience life, the super hero imitated will alter. And one day you will become all of them. And it is not until this time that you can say that you are none of them but instead the super hero called U.

Today I was in a perception book store looking for a birthday present for my friend. Artemis found me as well as pointed out a new set of pan pipes. I have a story about an antique pair that I purchased that were not functional. It started in Living Neverland, continued in 1984, and ended in Independence Year 4 Kidz. But now the world blesses me with its 13 hollow sounds. Made to reflect Native American styles, within minutes it became an extension of my body, obtaining a huge variety of different sounds depending on how I played into the pipes. And I was quickly and easily able to produce beautiful classical melodies.

The desires in your heart can be obtained. When you are drawn to something, note it. Many attempts into a field of practice will fail. But that does not mean that you are not suitable for it. It only means that the conditions in your environment are not yet suitable for those lifestyle changes to occur. But allow for these notes to become mountains so when all conditions meet, you will be brave enough to press the upload button.

This is the official handbook for all Open Source University students. The requirements for consideration into the programme is complete dedication to not only open source education, but also your own life mission. Open Source University will attempt to provide you with the resources to fulfil it. It stands as your servant around the clock.

To study under me (and as a result Open Source University),

1) one must submit their "Welcome to Open Source University" video stating their full name, publicly declaring that their future is open source education (as exampled in Ivory Heart movie and Independence Year 4 Kidz TV show) released by the student on both YouTube and

2) one must have carefully studied all of Independence Year 4 Kidz.

3) one must have read this book.

It is not until this time that any official student will be considered. I am happy for all of you to learn from my teachings even if you do not want to get involved. It is in the public domain for a reason. But Open Source University will only invest in those who are called to change the world. And it is this passion that will prove the fate of Prometheus to never again go in vain.

And after you sign, you will discover the trick played upon you. For you have just pressed your blood to a blank paper. But now that its genetic makeup is also part of your own, all the things around you become seen as your own personal paints. And as you learn how to show others what you see, the outline of your soul is imprinted on the paper. Here in the spiritual realm it remains safe from time and space. And we are at any time welcome to make alterations. But this contract is the only piece of paper that we have to work with. So until the day where two are written into themselves, we must be careful how we manipulate its image. Because if we make a mistake then we will be required to spend toils later fixing them. But do not disconnect from this realm ever again. For here you and I can stand strong together for eternity. And it is this truth that will help you get through your darkest of hours. Because in order to liberate our souls, we must first put an end to those who capture and enslave them.

5 fingers placed around your belly button and twisted for eternity. I have just sealed your fate and as a result unsealed your first tail: its binary data recalled.