Tragedy 15: Scales of Saul

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He knew only that his child was his warrant. He said: If he is not the word of God, God never spoke.
Cormac McCarthy, The Road


November 30, 2013

You have likely realised that you have just taken a divine leap into a magickal school. I am the university's headmaster and I encourage you to make your own position within its structures. This means that you are a free individual capable of spending your precious time deeply invested in the subjects most of interest to you. You will be required to learn them inside and out while creating artistically structured courses in order to teach those subjects both to yourself and anybody else who is interested in them. You must learn how to romance your opposite into you. And in doing this, you must also become the perfect image of its opposite. This means that it must become second nature to you to turn any conceived theory into practice. A blank slate called the Internet lay before you and God demands you to make the best of it.

The artefact's employment method at its core is extremely easy. Turn bad into good. The things outside of us are purified through us. A tragedy becomes a miracle. We spin around the cube until we get dizzy. But time and place we come back to examine another angle. Thus the "stuff" out there is not what it is but what I make it. Because if I can understand much deeper meaningful relations within the manifestations within my existence, then I also train my psychology towards its optimal outcome despite the reality of the conditions. Positioning a false reality will eventually make it true.

This entire project saved my life. I have been suicidal throughout it but then I learned the things that I needed to say to myself for future dates in order to eradicate these destructive thoughts not only for me, but also the entire world. In other words, I followed trails and filmed that process in order to brainwash myself away from mainstream lifestyles. Living major events again and again will change a person. And when you film your struggles trying to practically apply their solutions, you forever have a line of thought and reference to study and even zoom in on at any time.

Your quality needs to be its best. That means that you need to watch it and think it is totally awesome. Please realise that it took me a lifetime of training to be able to work at this rate. I recommend that you start making up stories on the fly and film them. Learn how to integrate the people and places into your films to be meaningful. Open Source University uses mythology as a method to teach any subject both theoretically and practically. Upon understanding its representational data, puzzles of thought will never again deter you. Simply by recalling the core of our human existence will enable our own personal trinity to put its pieces together and a star is born in a new field that humanity is about to be blessed with.

I will not lie. This system is designed to (reverse) brainwash you. But it is you who are given the controller to your character creation process. In order for it to work, your entire heart must be in it. Open Source University will not accept candidates who are not passionately committed to the cause of open sourcing education for all nationalities and ethnicities including those who are exiled from their relations.

How to start a scene? How to end it? What camera are you using? How can you work with any video recording device and create a story about your own life while your actions are practically applying it? How can I use poor quality audio or video to my advantage? What feel does this camera give, and what techniques could I use to make an extremely high quality production despite its inadequacies? What types of canvases could you use to paint a perfect picture? But this picture will be of your naked soul. And it will be broadcasted, available for public use to anyone with a communications device.

And as the tails of your psychology is mapped, you will come to learn that you have them too. For the good spirit is also within you. And as the seals unlock, you will be led to your destiny. Throughout it the daimon will hurt you very much. But if you only learn to understand its lonely nature, eventually it will warm up to you. And it will end up placing you in dangerous situations. But your shield of glass will protect both you and society. And a death for the Love within will never go. And if that ever happened, your name would never go in vain. You will then be avenged by our future warriors. And your name will act as a tower of light to the living still fighting for the cause. Because if you train your daemon to become a very powerful but just entity, then when the life-force that drives it fails in operation, that energy is then distributed back amongst its own. And the fruits of such a noble death will drive our human species to victory.