Tragedy 14: Dattebayo

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What does it mean to believe in something? Is a belief knowledge? What beliefs can stand as knowledge? And what beliefs are knowledge? If we are to know something that is publicly labelled as a belief, then where does our society stand? When truth and proof bears no weight on scientific exploration, then what is science good for? When fiction is taught as fact and fact taught as fiction, what happens to us as a society when we realise this?


November 30, 2013

We have now purified our bodies, minds, and spirits, and now it is time for me to write this book. For you are now one of me. God has laid a table before you within the presence of our enemies. And it took seven chapters to build our foundations. We have weeded out the slaves from the masters and you and I have become equals. The needle in the haystack is found from the U in Open Source University. You must now proudly perform the line "Open source education is my future." to become its student. And I am in no doubt that you are now considering how to do that from the film Ivory Heart. So now begins our journey together as comrades.

You are new at this so let me show you the ropes. God has sent me down here to reap the souls of the spiritually dead. But one angel was not enough to purify its population. So I was commanded to teach you how we do it. And if we have faith, you and I can one day reach our Atheden. But a utopian society was not created in a day. It took 7. And now we have found our salvation. And it is not invested into destructive habits of greed. For when we uncling to the material aspect, we will then know how to use it. And the numbers will paint you a picture that is much more descriptive than their representations. But upon their phenomena being noted accommodated with feelings, situations, and repetitions, we can eventually come to understand all things by only understanding one thing. And paradoxically in its very nature, that one thing is that we know nothing.

As the bones of our Mother is thrown over the survivor's shoulders, the rocks form clay. And as human realises itself, the monument in action slowly hardens only to one day erode out of time, being entirely reliant on its external environment. But forever forming its new self until one day the conditions of the world recycle it. And the day has come upon us in which the first man must again caste those stones in order to begin a new and more successful species.

The arc has been built and we are here to see who in this world wants saving. We are then to become allies and spend the rest of our lives building open source education communities that follow the laws of nature and not man. Man has imploded in on itself and now only has one direction it can go. When conditions could be no worse upon removing the veil, soon after the animals will come lining up 3 by 3. For the spirit will now be shared to form one entity. But this time our arc is a transformer. And it will protect our souls from enemy infiltration.