Tragedy 12: Divine Comedy

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Consider your origin. You were not formed to live like brutes but to follow virtue and knowledge.
Dante Alighieri

The Divine Comedy

December 3, 2013

One with sight does not anger quickly. They are careful in their decision making abilities despite their circumstances. One who is led to anger is also led to walk away. And this will provide them time to representationalise their chess board, relating appropriate semantics with its structured syntax. Constantly replaying past events to redistribute those feelings in order to understand how to win its game.

Multiple games carrying into a war. Winning time and time again without the opponent realising. To outsmart the smartest: those who are awake and take advantage of our human weaknesses are the targets of reapers. More often than not this will lead you to a secret society who have been covertly entrusted with this information.

But I have discovered its source so the model has been practically applied on the Internet for every human to use without licensed restrictions. Any artefact can be recreated. It is not so much the artefact that is of importance but its creator: for its technology can be distributed evenly to all of creation. For all evolutions that derive from it will represent its origin. It's beholder producing a new school of thought: the artefact now available in the palm of every human's hand.

All throughout my life people have taken advantage of me. They see this lonely traveller and automatically begin to compile a list of mundane jobs that they could burden me with. Because of course, a lone warrior like myself has nothing better to do than the jobs that you do not want to. Not being money orientated throws people off, but eventually they learn that I will help for free. Then my calendar dates become filled with random labours of people's problems. This is why I am required to distance people because if I did not, they would enslave me. And even though I jump into the projects with them as a team, they always end up walking away from it, leaving me to iron out all the complications.

This morning was my second attempt raking a section of yard that leaves were raked into for many years: ticks waiting under its foliage. 13 holes to dig are later in today's schedule: both jobs from separate people, both unpaid and virtually unassisted. But soon I will move on from this place and the next place will lead me to more contacts who will continue to exploit me in this manner. But each time, every person directs their past into their future. Each vessel broken from a lifetime of repeating self-destructive behaviour. And even though I am right in front of them, they do not realise. They do not see.

Unsaved individuals are uncomfortable in front of the saved. If you are joyful and happy in your life, then there is something wrong with you. If you own nothing but live better than those who have toiled hard within their mediocrity, then you will be seen as an outsider. And at first the species will become highly interested in the blip on the radar. And they will hang off its every word. And when they hear joy's contrary (the truth), they will censor you for the rest of your time with them.

But as the words become thoughts that conflict with their collective lifestyles, the Holy Spirit is rejected. If these individuals are lucky, they might obtain another opportunity. But God will see their hearts: why their attention flees. And if it scampers from destiny because it rejects the sight it understands: then that soul is reaped. This means that your work is required to produce this reaction: fight or flight. To accept the reap, its occurrence is dependent on your existence. And when the slate of the Internet is provided to you, U are now able to capture enough of people's conscious awareness to reap the soul's of the masses: your work merely needing to be awesome. And you will then be transferred the spirit in which drives them. And in exchange for the redistribution of energy into you, you are required to purify it. For this burden placed upon your shoulders is our entire globe. And it is Medusa that will give you your strength to carry on: dead or alive. For the reaper only dies when the last soul has felt its passion.

Be careful with the reaps within your own life. Protect yourself from them before you carry them out. And it will only be after they refuse to act that the reap literally occurs: a last chance to redeem oneself directly after the words that claim its contrary. For the reason that you were placed in this life was to circumcise impure skin: its analogy finally realised.

To begin the day I was advised to no longer play my Pan flute near my company. Later in the day I was told that my music (Enya example) disgusts one of the individual's I live around. Then I was told to not use my text-to-speech program without headphones. Today the 13th note rings loudly in order to show you what I am talking about.

I am a hermit. I keep to myself and spend my life on this work. I am always studying as well as occupying my time with martial arts and artistic forms of expression including music. I currently live at a friend's back yard. I cleaned her unlicensed van so that I could temporarily claim it. I am about to move again still in search for a wilderness lifestyle. I pay 100 dollars per week for the right to exist in a van parked in a back yard. And any noise, no matter how soothing, is deemed inappropriate.

But I am not merely shining light on to this situation, but my entire life. As a traveller, I must be quiet. If one becomes interested in me, my life's work is always overlooked. I exist on everybody else's terms. There is no land available to stick people like me to ground themselves: I am always somewhere I should not be. And everybody around me is allowed to make as much noise as they want, but when beautiful melodies manifest from me: the wrist is cut and our humanity yet again strangles another brilliant mind. For it is my noise that is targeted regardless of its quiet nature. For every other individual has the right to do all the things that are forbidden to a prophet.

Let me pass you this sight by rebuilding the human species. When we consider man without its environment, we are left with Adam and Eve. We then place them on X land. Eventually, their children steal it from God. Now this land can be owned by man without their own personal residence. This then gives man the power to enslave their own flesh. Because now in order to reside on any given piece of land, one needs to own or rent it. And now all of those who own a piece of the pie can also in a very real way, own other humans. For the fruits of personal labour now belong to another before the fact. Thus, all humans who desire to continue existence are required to bow down or be eliminated. Here is your dollar.

I am very serious about all of this. Claiming ownership of what is shared is called Satanism. Those who rule those who rule you know all of this. Power struggles resolved in an instant through the public domain, only awaiting its understanding. Governments tweaking methods to control their population over entire eras. And from the impurities of war bring us the Internet which We the People then exploit, turning the gun on its holder.

The world will never change until people like me can obtain a little bit of rural land to develop into our new utopian society. When the human right to exist without another's approval has been denied, that species has reached the end of its lifespan. Domestics, engines, and stereo battles exist as our human background noise: the artists who make it beautiful trapped within your prison. Green light!

Here is the divine comedy: I have never read that book. But I bet you that I just hit the nail on the head. Because when you drive your own through me, our roles then reverse.