Ivory Heart III
Take XX: The Game

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I was never lying when I said that I was a time traveler. However, because of the limitations of imprinting the material world into audiovisual format, I was only able to capture one aspect of the methodology in order to reveal to you the truth of your situation. As a result of exposing the fraud played upon you, I was not only incarcerated countless times but also physically, mentally, and spiritually abused and tortured by U the people, living as a refugee my entire life. What type of world do we live in when our freedom fighters are labeled terrorists and our terrorists are labeled heroes? You have been judged and now you will all reap the consequences of your actions. For now I am done; Mission Impossible now completed successfully. Enjoy the Hell in which U have created.
"Debts in time always rolls back in on itself."
The Resistance by Smeed, ~22,000 BCE