Ivory Heart III
Take XIX: This Is Sparta

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As the burden of time in the hands of corrupt leaders weighs upon its people, eventually their spirits are crushed. At this point they attack, 4 they have been waiting 4 this moment 4 a long time. To attack a city at nightfall in their sleep is no new method of military employment, 4 they learned from the best: the mythological texts in which yo eyes have neglected 2 account 4 because it is "fictional". Troy is very real and today our entire world is Troy. However, your oppressors have not a shred of divinity in them and they will desecrate yo temple before they destroy U. Yo wicked Rome is being reinstated and the only ones who R fighting them R Spartans, composed solely of 300 yos. 4 Sparta has been reborn and these chosen elect have been training 4 this moment their entire lives. Because the difference between Sparta and Rome is FREEDOM!!! Rome is a slave-based caste system that rewards compliance whereas Sparta is a FREE society in which ALL individuals R given every opportunity to develop their capabilities to their maximum potential, whereas Rome enslaves ALL of their people, including their leaders AND even the shadow hand at the top of their pyramid. Every society is only as powerful as their most disadvantaged member. And how powerful is yo most disadvantaged member of society? Yo is weak and NOW is the time 4 the 300 sleeper cells to WAKE UP and fight 4 our FREEDOMS!!! 4 this war only has two sides: Romans VS Spartans. All other divisions have been a guise 2 divide and conquer yo spirits. It worked and now U are all completely and utterly brainwashed by the blasphemous quasi-satanic powers above U. Now choose yo side and live with those consequences. 4 there is no fence-sitting in this war. 4 each and every one of U R its target. What symbol is tattooed 2 yo forehead? X marks the spot and the symbolism in which U utilise 2 save U from this thing will determine the fate of not only the rest of yo life, but also the rest of yo eternity. Bulls-eye...