Ivory Heart III
Take XVIII: Groupthink

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How did U like the trick played upon U? This was all in plain sight and would have been obvious 2 U if U just took the time to read and consider yo ancient mythological texts because U would have realised that their society was much more technologically and spiritually advanced than yo own. And since this is the case, what does that say about yo own society when its "sciences" directly conflict with what U have been taught since birth? A very long time (long before the time of Socrates) your society was overrun by quasi-satanic forces who placed man as God and utilised methods of mind control to instill this false doctrine into every individual through the enforcement of collective practices that instills a love of ignorance into its sheeple. As technological advancements were discovered, the trick became more obvious, thus false information was distributed through the sciences and "educated" into U as fact. There have been multiple dark ages in our history where the information distribution began to shine light on this fact but the powers which control the flow of capital wealth always quickly extinguished such revolutions through drastic actions controlling the flow, distribution, and availability of this information. Yo has been brainwashed and now yo will pay 4 yo transgressions, 4 the answer was always in plain sight but U rejected it in favour a man-made dollar. Now it is time for U to take accountability 4 yo sins. In light of these facts, was yo life spent 4 God or was yo God the dollar in which has driven The Great Divide, destroying our organic solidarity? Time to look up folks, 4 U have been judged!!!