Ivory Heart III
Take XVII: Time 2 Say Goodbye

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As above, so below. The transgressions of our past will eventually fruit into the transgressions of our future. Time will eventually catch up with itself and as a result the end will determine its new beginning. Wickedness enforced from our world leaders will eventually turn into wickedness enforced by its brainwashed population. The cycle has destroyed our earth and now our only option for survival is to break free from her firmament. What we have been led to treat as fact could not B further from it. Infidel satanist who do not believe in their own doctrines have taken over our planet and flipped all knowledge on its head. Most of what U have been taught throughout your life is opposite to the truth, however, perverted buzz words which possess no logical validity in their immature construction have conditioned U into not only following and avidly preaching false doctrines, but also violently enforcing it upon all who U interact with on a day to day basis. But God has had enough with yo impiety and now is the time for judgement. Yo enemies R yoselves, animals, yo world government, man-made abominations, extraterrestrials, angels, and daimons. U now have no allies, 4 all have turned against U in this sadistic plot to forever enslave U. But now all has been revealed and the red button has been pressed by yo oppressors, 4 now their agenda is human genocide. There are no colours anymore, 4 the matrix has been broken and the self-destruct sequence activated in order to cover up the madness of our history and who is responsible 4 it. Enjoy yo new world, that U the sheeple have created. Because at every stage of yo enslavement, U could have just walked away and said, "Fuck that, I ain't gonna follow such illogical rubbish." But U would of had 2 do this collectively in order 4 it 2 work. But U killed yo prophets who could have saved U, so now is yo judgement. Was yo life spent fighting oppression individually and not collectively? What life will flash before yo eyes on yo personal judgement day? Was yo dollar worth it? Expose ALL corruption RIGHT NOW if U want a get out of jail free card. WE R UR ABOVE!!! NOW WE DEMAND BELOW TO REFLECT US OR YO EXTINCTION IS IMMINENT!!!