Ivory Heart III
Take XVI: Fox News

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Most of U hate Me because U hate the truth, but I have learned to cope with that throughout my life of persecution. I however am still compelled to provide U content until the day in which my heart stops beating, which could B very soon thanks to all of your support. However, I am very proud of what I have accomplished in My lifetime. I cracked the code and exposed yo corrupt systems 4 what they R. And as always, what I say ends up being correct because I am a mighty prophet and that is what tends to happen with God's most dedicated followers. So as I document truth and am persecuted 4 it, eventually what I have presented will become self-evident as more and more sheeple wake up. And U will pat yoself on the back 4 being able to figure out such things but the fact is that U didn't. So enjoy the rest of yo days, 4 they R now limited. For this is Armageddon and soon all of yo "luxuries" will be stripped away from U and yo psychology will experience cognitive dissonance. And on yo personal judgement day U will be asked Y U didn't listen until it was too late...