Ivory Heart III
Take XV: When Aliens Attack

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How smart was it of U humans to declare war on extraterrestrials when we have only ever tried 2 help U? U planned this war over many years and dumbed down yo people in order to pull off such a stunt. But no matter what technology U have stolen, the truth is that we are much smarter than U and our technology makes yours look like children's toys. What do U think will be the result of yo war on us? U chose sickness over health; tyranny over Utopia. Such corruption was required in order 2 brainwash U into making such a stupid decision. But now U will all reap the consequences of that decision and few will B able to escape the wrath that is to come. Those who constructed all of this who are now fleeing 2 their "hidden" bunkers will receive the worst of all punishments. We tried 2 help U, U refused. Then U declared war on us and when U did we still passively tried 2 help U. But now U have gone too far and will suffer the consequences of yo actions. R U prepared??? VAV-VAV-VAV