Ivory Heart III
Take XIII: Da Odyssey

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My epic has concluded but yours has just begun. "Time is critical, as you know, the future approaches." NOW is time for each and every one of you to re-examine your own lives and how you could utilise them to benefit your environment, independently and without materialistic considerations. The End of the world is now and all which you have accumulated will become worthless when you are forced to abandon it in order to survive. The trick of consumerism played upon you was to separate the pious from the wicked because the everyday activities of each individual broadcasts to the world who that person truly is. That individual is you and we have records of your life in detail. Will you roll over and die or will you stand up for our natural laws? The answer to this question will determine if you are able to save your soul. But the clock counts down and I very much doubt those who have committed their lives to wicked behaviour will be able to save themselves from the coming events. Can a horse be a man? Yes, but that Trojan Horse is Me, Jesus Christ, and your cognitive dissonance will kick in, preventing you from obtaining the salvation that is right in front of you. May God Save Our Souls.