Ivory Heart III
Take XII: Road 2 Hyperborea

Bitchute Archive

Is yo ready 4 this? How long of U been preparing? How prepared R U 4 what is about 2 come? Just so that I may enlighten U, this chain of events has been planned fo thousands if not mo years. Stand up 2 yo tyranny! U, da one who has just realised the farce played upon U, da one who supported the rape, experimentation, and genocide, and systematic murder of women and children, yeah U, da one who subjugated those who warned U about this and labelled them crazy. Yeah U. What U gonna do? I am sure one individual who spent their lives invested in wickedness has the ability to fight thousands of years of meticulous planning and actions taken at crucial and magickal times. Because if all da idiots just stand up 2 yo oppressors, then I am sure U can really fix yo world... And what would U fix it back into? The same as it was when U were ignorant to all of dis? This is a war of merit and all of those who wasted away their lives while true warriors tried to stand up fo yo rights, have no place in dis war. May U sit on the sidelines in compliance with the events OR death and eternal torture in da afterlife awaits U. 4 now is da time fo all who wear da Armour of God (independent of religion) to step in and carry out their God given missions. And while we fight fo yo human rights and da natural laws, I urge U to educate yoself or U will not be welcomed into the New World Order.