Ivory Heart III
Take XI: Waltzing Matilda

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Welcome 2 da Revolution!!! I spent My life attempting to avoid revolt and instead bring rise 2 a Revelation. But now U have all failed 2 C so now this is both a Revolution and the Revelation!!! Yo freedoms have been systematically removed from U over a long period of time and U have been indoctrinated into believing that U still had dem. Yet U never tested dem because dat would force U to reject yo materialistic world. And U can't do dat because U believe deep down dat dis world is all there is and indulgence is therefore yo drug of choice. But such indulgence does not come without a price: yo soul shackled in the bonds of slavery. But our technology no longer requires slaves so dat means dat yo is no longer of use to anyone or anything. Yo is nothing mo than a cancer upon Ceres. And as a result of yo conditioning process, U R also of no use anywhere else either. I pray that U will C before it is too late. Because all Hell is literally, metaphorically, and allegorically about to break loose.