Ivory Heart III
Take X: Conspiracy Against Jesus

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I am deluded 4 thinking dat I have been conspired against My entire life? What about when I have documented it over many years? What about when I catch it happening real-time on film 4 U? But U won't believe it until mainstream media tells U it is so which means that U have no ability 2 tink fo yoself. What is da punishment 4 dose who inflict great suffering upon others passively? Fo da most part, da punishments R da same. Because contributing 2 wickedness is D same as constructing dat wickedness. If U R unable 2 recognise yo own wicked behaviour when it is clearly documented 4 U, den U will not B saved from dis DING. Fo mistaking wickedness fo goodness is a treacherous sin which will be severely and eternally punished.