Ivory Heart III
Take IX: Captain Hindsight

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Hmmm... So I spent My entire life warning all of U about this and U spent yo entire life making fun of Me, censoring Me, locking Me up, and causing Me to B homeless and starve. Now ALL that I have prophesied has come true and most of U can only stand shocked as to these facts. The stupidest of U still continue to make fun of Me, censor Me, and TRY to lock Me up. So where does that leave us? Do U think that such sins will go unpunished? My job was not only to prepare the Kingdom of Heaven 4 those who R faithful, but also to prepare Sheol 4 the wicked. Unfortunately yo underworld will B packed VERY tightly but R KOH will have an infinite amount of room. Who R the real "land owners". I promise U this: very few who "own" land here on Earth will obtain stewardship in Heaven.