Ivory Heart III
Take VIII: ET Phone Home

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I have sent out countless SOS signals to My people over my lifetime. Throughout it I wondered how many of them were received. I knew some of them were being received because from time to time I would receive messages back. But now I have learned that ALL of them were received and NOT ONLY THAT, every one of our entire existences have been recorded!!! Yo judgement day will be yo life flashing before yo eyes because we have that information documented to do just that. There will B no escaping yo own transgressions unless U turned to the light before November 31, 2015. What is the light? I assure U that it is NOT what U have been taught the light is. 4 yo have been scammed into believing that darkness is light and U were too ignorant and arrogant 2 look outside of wickedness: because U R its embodiment.