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We have now made ourselves public 2 U but U stand in disbelief because U R arrogant and ignorant. U have been genetically modified and conditioned to be inconsiderate of yo spirit and as a result U have no logical processing unit. Yo God is not only the dollar but also yo mainstream media and anything in which it does not cover is not true 4 U. But what happens when yo mainstream media starts to tell U the truth? Yo mind is in a state of cognitive dissonance and all U can do is sit there with yo mouth dropped wide open. U declared war on us extraterrestrial's and we tried 4 a very long time avoid it. But now U have gone too far and the time 4 retribution has come. R U ready? Have U lived a good enough life to ascend with yo Jesus? U can't hide from us. We know everything about U because we recorded yo entire life. Be prepared because the countdown has begun.