Ivory Heart III
Take V: Greensleeves

Bitchute Archive

Better days R in store 4 R future. But what "R" stands 4 and whether or not it includes this planet is up 2 U. Fo "caring" thoughts R no longer an appropriate reaction against such crimes against R natural laws. The time 4 prayers R over and NOW is the time 4 action!!! This enslavement of all living creatures MUST stop and WE WILL ensure that it does, even if it results in the end of yo pathetic species. Those who R capable of BOTH independent thought and independent action will B saved from this thing. Whether R not that means we fly away from this exploding planet OR we prepare it 4 U to rule it with divine justice, is up 2 U. Now make yo choices NOW, 4 U will never get another chance. Yo choices R easy. 1. Total annihilation OR 2. Collective salvation. Choose wisely. I know it is a difficult decision. Both possibilities have SO much to offer U.