Ivory Heart III
Take I: Escape from Hell

Bitchute Archive

What will save U from this thing? It is not thoughts nor feelings but actions. Yo have had the entire scope of our human history to realise that what is important in life is Unity but instead U have created the necessary conditions 4 hate 2 flourish within R world. U have exploited R language to the point that not one of U means what U say anymore, nor do U understand what U say. Yo reply is that language evolves but in fact it has devolved. None of U R literate anymore. U can not read within the lines nor in between them. Yo eyes R only directed towards material gain and all who do not C like U, U process through wicked systems in attempts to enforce the dominant ideology upon them. But yo actions have now caught up with U and now U will B punished. 4 yo whole life has been recorded and now will be played back before U. Yo have been judged and now yo will suffer the consequences of yo actions.