Ivory Heart II
Act XXII: Honeymoon

Bitchute Archive

My time has come to an end my friends. It is now time for me to move on with my life by leaving U all to deal with the problems in which U have created. Doing all of this was the hardest thing I have ever done and even though I am persecuted 4 it, I pray that it can be of use to those who can see. I am shocked with how the events have unfolded but I did tell us all that this would happen if we ignored the topics in which I was presenting. I love U all and hope U have a safe Tribulation. I pray that We will be able to find peace but I am afraid that such ideals of grandeur are beyond our potential. It was never my intentions to hurt anyone and I am sorry if anyone is offended by My actions. However, I was required by God to do what I have done and I would have done nothing different. I pray that U will see and as a result B saved. I love U world and appreciate U tolerating Me throughout this difficult process. I hope that one day U and I will be able to hold hands so that we might be able to stretch our arms to touch the skies. God bless my brothers and sisters. May yo heart continue to beat strong despite all of the trials coming our way. I HEART U. Stay strong and never give up!!! END.