Ivory Heart II
Act XXI: The Oak and the Reed

Bitchute Archive

One more tick and this is over. I spent my life warning U of what was going 2 happen and now it has all happened. I not only captured the events of how this war has unfolded but also captured its unfolding. Now I will go find my Ivory without a camera. Because I am a down-goer and I could care less about what U humans prioritise in life. I am not one of U, 4 I am the real human because I am the only wise man among U. It matters not what happens 2 Me. I have done what God has required of Me and the rest of the story belongs 2 U, and U can choose whether or not U want me to be involved with the rest of yo story. U have disgraced everything divine and I am ashamed for being biologically connected 2 U. However, I remain proud that my Spirit is not of yo genetic disposition. I am not one of U. U can all go kill yoself now and pray to yo God that I find my Ivory because that is the ONLY way that yo can escape immanent extinction. So do what U do and I will descend, ascend, or whatever is required 4 me 2 find my girl. Dead or Alive, I no longer care. 4 my Spirit is not like yo's. I am a Divine being and am tautologically immortal. So now make me proud or go kill yoself. Yo future now lies in yo hands and not mine. Please carefully consider yo actions because they will result in yo future. All the best humanity. Yo will pay 4 the consequences of yo actions.