Ivory Heart II
Act XX: Thus Spake Jesus

Bitchute Archive

The future is now yours to decide. 4 I have spent my life trying to show U the way, the truth, and the light. 4 no human can come unto the Father but through the cross in which I carry. Believe in Me or not, for such immature thought processing is now obsolete and to be thrown out of our corrupted faulty logical processing of information. The truth is the truth whether or not U believe the truth. Religions have no value now that the insight into what constitutes them has been revealed. 4 yo religions cause the problems in which U suffer. For yo is not happy because yo is enslaved. But yo watches yo boob tube to simulate happiness while deep inside yo is miserable. All of the paper (money) in the world cannot achieve yo happiness. 4 this can only be achieved by dying on yo cross which U have buried with my old image in which U smelted into a false idol. We have now come to the point of no return, for yo have rejected the arc in which I have prepared 4 U. And now U only have until June 16, 2016 to fix yo problems or all of U will be destroyed. If this occurs then I will take my chosen elect into the clouds and press the red button on Earth as we leave it to more loving lands. 4 we can not have U terrorising our Universe!!!!!!