Ivory Heart II
Act XVIII: Blast from the Past

Bitchute Archive

The New World Order in which Obama is now enforcing is blasphemy. Obama is the infidel because he has corrupted the commandments in which the New World Order promotes. He is no better than any other who follows but does not believe their own religion. Because he has turned what is virtuous into a corruption. And the stench of his derogatory implementation of his fawken "New World Order" will forever stain what the New World Order is and truly stands for. Do the research yoself. The Georgia Guidestone is pure, with the potential exception of the first rule. But now that U have all rejected the truth, the first rule is already in the process of being implemented. Fo that is now the only commandment in which this disgrace is adhering to. Fo yo new martial law is yo extermination programme. Now stand proud fo yo can only blame yoself. And if yo want to be included in the first commandment, then now is yo time to stand up and prove yo merit to the world. Fight against what yo heart tells U is right or yo will be eliminated.