Ivory Heart II
Act XVII: November 31

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Creating productions this quickly always causes a time delay in releasing them. The episode after next (currently working on) has just discovered that the USA has officially declared Martial Law. For now the entire USA is a military country that has been enforced as a training grounds to install the New World Order into society. Unfortunately their NWO is not logical like mine, which means that if WE do not stand up right NOW to these injustices then we are all DEAD. Those who survive will no longer be "human", not that they were to begin with though. However, these humans will be modified to become international weapons to enforce their faulted ideology of the New World Order. We MUST implement a NWO because WE have no choice about it. So study the 10 Commandments of the Illuminati and use yo smarts to achieve them by excluding military enforcement to get us there. God bless everyone and stay safe. Allah have Mercy on Us ALL!!!!!! FOR ONLY LOVE CAN SAVE US!!!