Ivory Heart II
Act XVI: Hack D Planet

Bitchute Archive

What is the responsibility of a hacker when they R 2 hack into the world government and logically reprocess its information? The answer is World War III. Because yo oppressors have just been exposed as the farce that they R and now they R naked in front of U. But they have all the money because U gave it 2 them so this means that they can now just send U away 2 da extermination camps in which they have been building right before yo eyes for a long time. If a collective is to build something, they R eventually 2 use it. But U didn't realise because U R stoopid even when yo liberators jumped up in down in a frenzied panic trying to warn U. But U torture, imprison, and assassinate yo saviours. So now yo saviours R here to either save yo planet or destroy it. The choice is yours but please consider carefully because yo answer to this question will not only determine how U spend the rest of yo life, but also yo afterlife. Hack D Planet NOW or U will all B destroyed. 4 this life is Open Source and if U do not make it that in yo social reality STRAIGHT AWAY then yo will experience the full extent of our wrath!!!!!!