Ivory Heart II
Act XV: All Yo Base

Bitchute Archive

Welcome 2 yo invasion World!!! We have been watching U 4 a very long time, hoping that U would learn from the ancient texts in which We provided U. We gave U truth not only through yo religions but also through yo media in which yo perceived as "fiction". But U have failed to practically apply the wisdom in which we have conveyed 2 U. Yo began to lip sync yo own life instead of living it to its fullest. Therefore we have come back to take ova yo planet and hand it back to God. Make no mistake because this is a hostile takeover and if U resist then U will all be destroyed. Fo U have now gone too far and must be re-educated or eradicated from the Universe. Now U choose yo path, fo All Yo Base, Our Belong 2 Us!!!!!! Fo yo Matrix has now been broken beyond all repair and now U must WAKE UP or be buried six feet unda.