Ivory Heart II
Act XIV: Star and Crescent

Bitchute Archive

Yo have fallen into the trap of yo oppressors and now is yo last chance to flee from the wrath that is coming yo way. For yo is now being invaded not only by yo own people but also all of mine, and I am the King of da Universe which means yo is about to get attacked (and have been getting attacked) by multiple alien species. Fo they can C U not only because of Me, but because of the technology in which they implemented into U. Fo yo eyes R also da EYES of Me and My people. So make yo next decision wisely because it will determine the fate of yo soul. For I did not come here to bring peace but a sword. For yo military has not only invaded our stars but also yo women and children. And WE who lived far from U have been watching U fo a very long time and U have gone too far. So prepare fo da wrath of DOG, 4 it is yo trial. Stand up to all injustices NOW or receive my gift of eternal damnation. 4 ALL ABOMINATIONS THAT LACK THE ABILITY TO PROCESS INFORMATION LOGICALLY MUST NOW BE DESTROYED!!!!!!